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Traditional Dutch Products

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The Dutch Butcher
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Please give at least a full days notice before a large order and place your order before 10:00am

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Rolls & Sandwiches

Assorted Sandwiches
An assortment of sandwich fillings including chicken, cheese, ham, salami, mortadella, curried egg, rare roast beef, avocado, plain/Italian or chilli meatloaf on a variety of bread loaves. Such as white, wholemeal, grain, light rye or cape seed loaf. All packed full of fresh & healthy salads.

Small (20 pieces) $40.00
Medium (40 pieces) $80.00
Large (60 pieces) $120.00

Simple Sandwiches
If you’re hosting a morning tea and would like something light, this is the platter for you. Ham/pickle, cheese/tomato, roast beef/ relish, chicken/avocado etc.

Small (15 pieces) $25.00
Medium (30 pieces) $50.00

Continental Rolls
Our famous Continental Rolls!! You’ve got to try them. Three different meats, cheddar cheese and all the salads served on soft white foot long roll. Usually made with Salami, meatloaf and mortadella, you can have it spicy or mild, even a bit of both. You don’t even have to have those meats, feel free to mix it up!  

Small (15 pieces) $60.00
Large (30 pieces) $120.00

Assorted Rolls
Like the assorted sandwiches, just on a bigger scale. Butter, mayo, only carrot in one? You choose exactly what you want..    

Small (15 pieces) $55.00
Large (30 pieces) $110.00

Assorted Wraps
Usually made with Chicken/Avocado, Ham/dijonaise, Rare roast beef/Grain mustard and other different combinations.. Makes a great tasty lunch.. Again you can mix and match which ever meat and condiments you like. All are served with salads..

Small (16 pieces) $80.00
Large (32 pieces) $160.00

Hot & Cold Platters

Cold meat & cheese
A generous assortment of different types of meats and 5 different types of cheese. Finished with olives, sundried tomatoes, melanzani, marinated capsicum & water crackers.

Small (serves 6) $50.00
Large (serves 12) $80.00

Cheese, dips & crackers
At least 5 different types of cheese, several dips and a few serves of water crackers, also as a little bonus we include toasted Turkish bread slices and antipasto.. 

Small (serves 6) $50.00
Large (serves 12) $80.00

Traditional Ploughman’s
The Ploughman’s platter has it all! Meats, cheese, antipastos, chutneys, fruits, vegetables, crackers and Turkish bread. Just like a grazing tables, only smaller.

Large (serves 12) $65.00

Pasta Tray
Lasagne, Tortellini, penne; you choose 

Standard $70.00

Hot Platter
Party pies, quiches, mini plain sausage rolls, mini bacon & cheese sausage rolls 

Small (20 pieces) $40.00
Large (40 pieces) $80.00

Fruit, Salads & Desserts

Fruit Platter
Pink Lady Apples, Green Apples, Kiwi Fruit, Watermelon, Rock melon, Pineapple, Oranges, Strawberries & pears 

Small $35.00
Large $50.00
(Some variations on fruits based upon seasonal availability)

Chicken Caesar
Small (serves 10-15) $40.00
Large (serves 20-30) $60.00
Small (serves 10-15) $35.00
Large (serves 20-30) $50.00
Traditional Potato Salad
Small (serves 10-15) $45.00
Large (serves 20-30) $60.00
Small (serves 10-15) $35.00
Large (serves 20-30) $50.00



Cake Slices
Small (10 pieces) $40.00
Large (20 pieces) $80.00
(Cake pieces cut into quarters, if desired)