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 Christmas Hams


The Dutch Butcher is renowned for their delicious hams and this is never more important than at Christmas time when you are looking for that perfect ham to serve at Christmas dinner.

The things that make our hams not only more delicious but the best quality you can buy is –

  • All hams made only using the best quality meat
  • Created from whole cuts of meat (not pieces pressed together)
  • Free range, corn fed pork
  • Naturally moist ham from our own brines – many supermarket hams can be up to 40% water
  • Our experienced team creates our hams from original recipes on our premises

We have a range of Christmas hams to suit your taste, budget and size required. Choose from –

  • Boneless Leg Ham – traditionally cured, cooked and smoked
  • Nugget Ham (Honeymoon Ham) – a smaller ham ideal for two or small family
  • Champagne Ham  – the main bone is taken out leaving the knuckle end, easier handling and carving
  • Kassler Rib – Ideal for European style dishes, juicy pork chop, skinless, cured, smoked and cooked. Fantastic on a BBQ.
  • C.O.B. (Bone In) – Long lasting complete leg of ham, keeping the bone retains the flavour

Christmas Ham Prices

$22-50 per kg
$28-50 per kg
$18-50 per kg
$29-50 per kg
$16-50 per kg

Phone your Christmas Ham order through to The Dutch Butcher on 9361 3903. Or come into our store to see our quality range. All our hams are available right up to Christmas Eve, 3pm, for your last minute purchase.

Christmas Pastries


No Dutch Christmas is compete without some traditional loaf or pastry to complete the meal. We bake our products from our family recipes to produce authentic Dutch Christmas treats for you.

Baking right up to Christmas Eve so call in for our delicious fresh Christmas treats.

  • Staaf – Crispy puff pastry encasing a sweet almond paste. Brushed and baked with an apricot glaze and decorated with glazed cherries. Price – $10-50
  • Krans – Identical ingredients as the Staff but baked in a circle and a larger size. Price – $14-50
  • Stollen – Traditional fruit rich loaf with Dutch cake spices. A surprise of sweet almond paste running down the centre. Price – $15-00
  • Krentenbollen – Spiced fruit buns – pack of 6. Price – $6-00