Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey

Our roast turkey has not been processed, cured or pickled prior to baking therefore you get a delicious and juicy roast with no preservatives, just great taste.

Rare Roast Beef

Rare Roast Beef (Rosbief)

Rare Roast Beef is a Dutch Favourite. We start with a top quality cut of beef, add spices and roast it. It is served thinly sliced.

Continental Meatloaf (Leberkase)

Continental Meatloaf (Leberkäse)

Continental Meatloaf or Leberkäse consists of Pork/ beef and a special selection of herbs and spices. It is available thinly sliced (great for sandwiches), thickly sliced (amazing on the barbeque) or as a whole loaf to share amongst family and friends. It is available in plain, Italian Herb or Chilli.

Hungarian Salami

Hungarian Salami

The Hungarian Salami is double smoked and is available in mild or spicy.

Double Smoked Leg Ham

Double Smoked Leg Ham

We use only organic free range pigs from the south west. We bone and trim the legs, cure, roll, double smoke & cook the legs to perfection.


Dutch Spek

This is smoked pork. It is cured and smoked in our traditional smoke houses. We offer this product whole or thinly sliced. We have three varieties on offer Rolled Spek, also known as ontbijtspek Standard Spek, also known as continental bacon Ham Spek, triple smoked ham


Liverworst (Pate’)

An all time dutch favorite! It is a smooth pate’ packed into sausage casings.


Dutch Beef Brawn

We use 100% beef, cure it, cook it and set in aspic. You can choose sliced or whole brawn, with or without gherkin pickle.


Smoked Beef (Rookvlees)

Starting with top quality topside, we trim it to its leanest and cure it over several months. It is then ready to be smoked in our traditional wood fire smoke house. It is served very thinly sliced.